We integrate and connect women through the enjoyment of wine to build a gender-equal world.

Our story

What We Believe?

Since the Neolithic period (about 8,000 years ago) wine represents culture, passion, effort and of course, a way of life.

Ever since, women have been involved but their visibility, work, dedication, and effort has been ignored or unrepresented. An inequality that continues to impact their salaries, the availability of management positions, and possibilities of obtaining economic resources.

Despite the fact that in 80% of cases, it is women who decide to buy what type of wine, the stereotypes of wine consumption are still evident. Especially the misconception that women only drink white, sweet, or rosé wines when actuality, taste does not depend on gender.

We dream and fight for a free and gender-equal world.

We deeply believe in the inclusion and empowerment of women through the enjoyment of wine.


Leire Tejada

Hello, I’m Leire Tejada, a woman wounded by inequality in the world of wine.

I was born 40 years ago in Spain to a family with a winemaking tradition in the province of La Rioja. For more than 20 years, I’ve dedicated my life, body, and soul to my family winery. My grandmother inherited the family vineyards and taught my mother her love for wine. That’s three generations working together, united by a family bond and the love of wine.

Unfortunately, for many years and even today, I have suffered rejection for being a woman and dedicating myself professionally to wine: my passion. During my first years as an export sales director of my family winery, many buyers approached me but ignored my extensive knowledge of the wine industry just because I was a woman in a “man’s world”. Today I still have to over demonstrate my skills and knowledge to be accepted and valued.

Now I’ve gone one step further and founded WWC, a COMMUNITY to integrate and connect WOMEN through the enjoyment of WINE to help build a gender-equal world.



Renzo Esposito

Hi, I’m Renzo Esposito and I’m facilitating a world with equal opportunities.

From a very young age, I felt that I had to work hard. I wasn’t on the path that most people followed. I started my first audiovisual project at age 13 and from there I have been involved in media production, marketing, and business development. It has been a challenge to be a young entrepreneur in a world that expects that I get a job.

I’ve lived in the United States since 2019 with my husband. I am a gay man and a Latino in the United States. I have felt very personally what it is to be part of a minority. Also, I’ve seen my mother work hard for her goals and how difficult it was to achieve them because she was a woman. Because of all of this, I am committed to the search for equal opportunities and challenging the status quo to leave a better place for all people.

Wine as a lifestyle has enveloped me my whole adult life. I have always connected deeply with wine and it has led me to develop beautiful and strong friendships all around.

So when Leire invited me to develop this project and work together, all the stars aligned.


Our Story

We met at an ESL School (English as a second language) in Michigan, USA in July 2019, and through many conversations about our lives and concerns, we realized that we were on the same path of seeking gender equality.

We also shared a passion for wine, which led to our project and our commitment to create inclusion and give visibility to both women who are dedicated to wine, along with all women who love wine.

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